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                                                            Vinyl Gazebos - PVC Gazebo Kits Built to Last !


                                                                     Each Tiffany Gazebo is handcrafted from the finest virgin PVC materials.

                                              This means that your gazebo will never suffer the ravages of time and the elements.

                                              As a matter of fact, had your great grandfather owned a Tiffany Gazebo,

                                              it probably will still be standing today.



                                        10ft Vinyl Gazebo in garden                                            Tiffany Premiere Vinyl Gazebo

                                            10ft Tiffany Classic for only $4,032.00                                                                        11ft Tiffany Premiere for $6,140.00



                                                                     17ft Vinyl Gazebos

                                                                                         17ft Tiffany Classic only $10,482.00